"Your voice is so soothing. It's not over the top to the point of being annoying like some singers' voices are. You sing this song effortlessly.” Jackie Nicole, YouTube



“Wow, her voice gives me the chills<3”  Krissy, YouTube


"Love your voice, it reminds me of Adele!" Elia L Dodd


"I hear the talent of Amy Whinehouse in her vocals, but without all the pain that Amy went through for her music, It is truly an honor to have that kind of god given skills... good luck!!!" hillhoney719


"She should have been discovered a long time ago. She can really sing and I really love her song"



“You sound alot like Amy Winehouse!  Your voice is BEYOND great, I wish I sounded like you."  XDoty, YouTube



FABULOUS!!­!!!!!!! She IS AMAZING!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!



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Ladina Spence is a young, funny, vibrant and sometimes shy European-California native. Her bashfulness is actually her way of acclimatizing to the realization that her dream journey is about to begin, but at the same time, it disguises the energy that is bursting out from within.


Ladina’s unique look is a representation of her personality, as her porcelain skin is framed by her mane of red hair. After first experimenting with red highlights in 8th grade, she was asked if she had Kool-Aid in her hair, then Ladina decided to prove that redheads have more fun J .  Her warm smile, reminiscent of a warm cappuccino on a summer day, and her stunning features usually invoke memories of the 1991 Felicity Doll of the American Doll Collection.


Musically, Ladina’s online stats show that she is a burgeoning teen crossover artist. Her growing US fan base spans over 20 states and her YouTube video views show her music reaching fans in over 105 countries. Her music style is a refreshing mix of pop and soul with a dash of the jazz singers of the past with a stunning vocal range allowing her to woo the “lows” and hit the spots with the “highs”. She admires Natasha Bedingfield whose voice she describes as, “the perfect amount of modernity with a true sound of music". She is a fan of her own mother who is a professional vocalist, having sung for Chaka Kahn, Mother Finest, Michael Bolton and had a UK chart entry herself in the 90’s. Completing her wholly musical family, Ladina’s dad is a Grammy submitted and award-winning music producer. Ladina is also inspired by legends such as Ella Fitzgerald for her unique sound and Beyoncé is a favorite because of the balance that she maintains between “sexy” and “classy”.


She has recently had success singing on the track, “Without You” by DJ Antoine from the album, "Sky is the Limit" which reached number 1 in the iTunes dance charts in Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Ladina’s debut single, a refreshing rendition of a Meiko original “Leave the Lights On” is now available on iTunes.






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